Terms & Conditions

NXTSTG.ORG is an online platform for selling tickets for events, owned by the company Pro Action Learning Ltd.. The company Pro Action Learning Ltd.. also owns the booking system for purposes of selling tickets and organizing third party events, the third party being the Event Organizer. NXTSTG.ORG is a trademark under which the company Pro Action Learning Ltd.. performs these activities and is also owned by Pro Action Learning Ltd..

In agreement with the organizer, who also represents the performer or the subject of the event as a whole, NXTSTG.ORG books and sells tickets for events by doing so directly on behalf of the organizer, as a form of a commercial service, for the events which are entered into its booking and sales system, or allows the organizer to use their system, for a fee, to sell tickets.

The access to events is granted by NXTSTG.ORG on behalf of the organizer, under condition of prior consent from the venue owner, a license agreement or a contractual relationship. This is done by means of independently controlling the access to the venue on the day of the event employing own or existing, manual or automatic access control methods and systems. Alternatively, access is provided by the organizer, the venue owner or the party using the event venue in the capacity of a third legal party authorized to do so by the organizer and/or NXTSTG.ORG, and using the tickets purchased via NXTSTG.ORG system to control access.
A ticket is an object, information or a digital good that allows access to the event for which it was purchased via distribution channels provided by NXTSTG.ORG. NXTSTG.ORG guarantees the security of the system and the validity of the tickets purchased exclusively through the official sales channels presented on its website. All types of tickets that NXTSTG.ORG offers are used in a way that the first person to use the ticket gains access to the event, unless the ticket is a personalized ticket, associated with the first and last name of each single customer, in which case the customers may at any time verify their identity by presenting their public identification.
Each ticket, regardless of the medium of its delivery is considered as completely equal in standing and has the same legal effect. The manner in which individual tickets may be used may differ and depends on the technical capabilities and the organizer of the event. Each ticket sold through sales outlets which are not owned by NXTSTG.ORG shall become valid only upon receipt of the full payment of its cost.
Sales channels in the NXTSTG.ORG system comprise the online store at https://NXTSTG.ORG, a partnering sales network advertised on the website https://NXTSTG.ORG and the box offices at event venues. If the organizers so require, tickets can alternatively be sold through other channels as well. However, in that case the organizers shall provide a notification of this information posted on the official event page within the NXTSTG.ORG site.
NXTSTG.ORG operates in the exclusive capacity of a ticket agent and cannot be held responsible for refunds in case of event cancellation, change of venue and/or date of the event. However, NXTSTG.ORG shall in accordance with the law in the event of unforeseen circumstances endeavour to secure refund from the organizers. NXTSTG.ORG may not be held accountable for any programme changes brought about by the organizer. Furthermore, the organiser reserves the right to subsequently change the price of tickets.
NXTSTG.ORG cannot be held liable for tickets lost in the mail nor can it be held liable for the delivery by third parties i.e. by the post office or other delivery service providers. Claims for damages resulting from the non-delivery of tickets cannot be accepted by NXTSTG.ORG.

Ticket Use

By purchasing the ticket the customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions as well as any other rules of conduct as specified by the organiser or event venue. By purchasing the ticket, the buyer or visitor unconditionally accepts the following: return and exchange of tickets after the purchase is not possible; by leaving the event venue the ticket becomes void if the organizer has not specified otherwise; failing to comply with the rules of conduct and ticket misuse may lead to the visitor being removed from the venue without the right to compensation; the buyer shall not fold, crumble, computer-manipulate or otherwise alter the tickets printed on paper or distributed electronically in a way which may damage or alter the ticket’s linear or 2D barcode for automatic ticket verification; NXTSTG.ORG cannot be held responsible for any problems arising out of damage and changes to the linear and 2D barcodes and/or other physical damage to the tickets after the purchase; until entering the event the buyer shall keep the tickets in a safe place and take special care to keep them from unauthorized copying; NXTSTG.ORG cannot be held responsible for damage caused by misplacement, theft, forgery and unauthorized copying of tickets – each identical copy of a ticket, whether printed on paper or distributed electronically, is valid so the access to the event shall be exclusively granted to the first person to use the ticket, while subsequent complaints shall not be considered.

Ticket Returns and Refunds

In the case the event is held on schedule, once purchased ticket may not be returned. All online ticket orders and purchases are binding and can neither be cancelled nor subsequently altered. Should the event be cancelled or re-scheduled, it may be possible to return the ticket, with consent of the organizer, and receive a refund less the cost of purchase fees and NXTSTG.ORG system service fees. In this event the conditions for ticket returns and detailed instructions will be posted on the event pages within the NXTSTG.ORG online store. Should the event be cancelled or postponed, the ticket may only be returned at the sales outlet where it was originally purchased up to two months from the originally scheduled date of the event unless NXTSTG.ORG has fulfilled all its financial obligations in regard to the organizer, in which case the returns shall become a responsibility of the organizer and NXTSTG.ORG shall promptly publish such information on their website and notify the sales outlet. General deadline for refunds in case of event cancellation or a change of date is two months from the originally scheduled date of the event, and may be received at the sales outlet where the purchase was originally made, unless otherwise stated on the event pages within the NXTSTG.ORG website. In the event of cancellation or a change of date or venue of the event, or any other changes related to the holding of the event brought about by the organizer, the expenses incurred (e.g. public transport, hotel etc.) shall not be reimbursed. Should the price of admission in the meantime be changed by the Organizer, only the price printed on the ticket will be taken into account for the purposes of refund.

Complaints and Customer Service

All grievances, complaints about service and questions by customers should be delivered to the email address support@NXTSTG.ORG or submitted through a dedicated web feature on the https://NXTSTG.ORG website. Complaints can also be submitted by phone by calling Customer Service or in written form to Pro Action Learning Ltd., Supilova 7, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

Other Terms and Conditions

The visitors agree to visual or audio recording of themselves as part of the audience without restriction. Bringing to the event any equipment for recording of sound and images, as well as beverages, food, bottles, cans, weapons, fireworks or any other object that could endanger the safety of visitors or are not allowed by the event organizers is prohibited. WARNING: LOUD MUSIC CAN DAMAGE YOUR HEARING!


eTicket tickets are tickets in electronic form which are delivered to the user’s mobile device in the form of an application, SMS message with a textual code, MMS message with a 2D barcode or to the user’s email account in the form of a 2D barcode attached to the email message confirming the purchase. eTicket as a delivery option may be accessible for only certain events, and the compensation to be paid for this delivery option may depend on the location of the event or a business decision of the organizer or NXTSTG.ORG.

Payment Methods

4. Direct payment into the account
For the events for which this payment method is made available, you may select it on the page where payment method selection is presented. The tickets that you have selected in this manner will remain booked for a sufficient time for you to make a payment and inform us of it. When the payment has been recorded by NXTSTG.ORG, you will be notified by email and the tickets will be delivered to you in accordance with the selected delivery option. If you have not made the payment prior to the expiry of the booking or NXTSTG.ORG has not received the payment prior to the expiry, the booking will be cancelled and the system will automatically return the ticket to free sale. In the event the payment has been received after the booking was cancelled, the system will automatically assign the customer the best places in the same price range. If there are still tickets in the same price range, until the time when tickets are forwarded to delivery, the customer may request other tickets by calling the Customer Service. In the event that upon the cancelation of the booking all tickets in the selected price range have been sold out and/or other places may no longer be assigned, NXTSTG.ORG may not be held liable for possible damage. In this event, the money paid shall be fully refunded to the customer, minus eventual bank transaction fees.

Statement of Conversion

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency (HRK). For purchases from abroad, the amount your payment card account will be charged for shall be displayed in the online store converted into your local currency according to the current exchange rate of the association of payment card service providers. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site.


Using our online service constitutes an agreement have your information used and stored. Any changes in our business which are related to privacy and data protection will be posted on our website.

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