Rainer v. Leoprechting

A master consultant and innovator, Rainer practices and develops next stage organizing methods. In Brussels he introduced participatory and innovative methods like the Art of Hosting or Action Learning into the workings of the European institutions. Rainer’s interventions combine many methods:

  • Holistic Organization Design
  • the full palette of Art of Hosting practices
  • Systemic Constellation Work
  • Action Learning
  • Process Consultation 
  • Pro Action Café
  • Story-based Recruitment Match for Cultural Fit
  • Developmental Assessments and Coaching

Jeroen Vermeer

Organizational Transformation Consultant and leadership coach. Approaches organisational transformation with a systemic lens and a healthy sense of the power of ‘not knowing’.

Using his experience as engineer and entrepeneur in the international shipping business, and being a trained (Psychosynthesis) coach, he facilitates organizational learning & transformation processes, doing so with a strong systemic focus. 

  • Self Organisation (Licensed Holacracy Coach)
  • Organisational Systemic Constellations
  • Art of Hosting
  • Theory U
  • Executive Coaching
Sven Latzel, Agile Coach, Facilitator and System Architect

Sven Latzel

Freelancing as an organisational and IT consultant and expert in Sociocracy. Since 2005 he has been actively working to make the world of work more effective, more mindful and more human. First of all with IT, and in recent years with a clear focus on humans and on the processes which connect them.

He worked for many years with a variety of clients, learning about diverse and international cultures, gained a clear insight into the structures and processes which makes an organisation successful.

  • Clear and efficient Facilitation
  • Sociocracy (Sociocratic Circle Method and Socioscracy 3.0)
  • Dragon Dreaming
  • Art of Hosting
  • Theory U
  • Agile Coaching
  • SCRUM and Kanban
  • Enterprise Architecture