bookmark_borderMarwa Farouq & Phil McComish from Teach For All

Marwa Farouq and Phil McComish energize leading roles in the network Teach For All. A few years ago the leadership team abolished itself. Marwa and Phil were holding the threads together when staff worked more and more autonomously and the work of the organization became increasingly complex. In this interview they share how Teach For All staff is leading itself, how their own practices as former directors was shifting and enabling this journey, and how they  continue to learn and develop their own practices further.
Besides we hear about Teach For All, a global non-profit network of 49 independent partner organisations, placing graduates and young professionals in teaching in schools in order to build collective leadership to ensure educational equity.

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bookmark_borderRuth Andrade from LUSH

Ruth Andrade works for LUSH, a well known cosmetics company with a strong focus on conscious capitalism and its role in society at large. In this podcast, Ruth shares with us where her passion for more self-organised ways of working originates from, what she encounters in working in the corporate environment and where she sees she can contribute the most. She is a prime example of someone who can initiate grassroots changes, by taking small steps and inspiring the people around. If you ever had doubts whether or not you are in a position to make change possible, listen to Ruth!

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