bookmark_borderMeasuring Hidden Dimensions Training – the foundational programme

Train to discern development, reading between the lines of thought and speech.

Development is the expression of the human life force coming through our bodies and souls over a whole lifetime.

This training introduces the insights and practices researched and developed by Otto Laske. To date this is the most developed, and the only precise and reliable way to observe and measure the extent to which an adult person has developed.

Among other insights this makes transparent where their current potential of work and decision-making lies, and what concrete learning steps can support the use of such potential.

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bookmark_borderNext Stage Systemic Work: Training and Workshop

Systemic feelings and sensations in your body.

People step into elements, of a question or situation, and perceive feelings, sensations, emotions, movements that are not or their making. They express that what comes to them. Thus, the relations between the elements of the system in the question become visible.

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