Sometimes external help is needed in order to succeed. We offer coaching, hosting, facilitation, training and conflict resolution to catalyze your purpose driven organization, to support self-management and employee engagement.


It is all about feedback. Evolving the own skills is faster and more efficient if there is someone who helps you reflect on what you can’t see on your own. This is the job of a coach. We support you in one on ones and we work with teams of all sizes.

Our goal is to help you and your team see how you can improve and how to do so.

Hosting & Facilitation

The art of hosting a group of people to create and hold the space for reflection and co-creation is a corner stone for every purpose driven next stage organization. Our job is it to provide a atmosphere of trust, connection and orientation to guide the group to a agreed outcome.


Beside short meetings we also develop, host and facilitate multi days retreats with the following goals:

  •         Team building
  •         Strategy assessment
  •         Conflict resolution
  •         Mindfulness training
  •         Co-creation


We host and facilitate meetings to help you get things going. Our goal is always to enable you and your organization to develop the skills to do this on your own.


Learning from others is the key for progress and cultural development. We don’t have to invent the wheel always new.

That is why teaching and trainings are so important to us. We love to share the knowledge and the experience we harvested throughout our life.

We develop custom trainings based on the needs of the individuals and the organization as a whole.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts always serves a purpose, but mostly it is hard to use the opportunity a conflict offers. We at NXTSTG.ORG want to help to face this dragon and find the treasure behind it.

A well developed and implemented conflict resolution culture is supreme discipline in self-managed organization. We help you to get things in motion and coach you and your organization to be able to deal with conflicts in the future in a beneficial way.

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