Next Stage Dreaming

Unfolding the deepest inner needs of the people in an organization to crystallize a common dream and vision as the starting or restarting point for a change and organizational development project in a one-day workshop.



Mostly change projects are driven by a small group of people enthusiastic about the new structure, methodology or whatever the change is about. The change is thereby pushed into the organization and on to the people without engage the employees into the whole process. This makes it hard to harvest the collective wisdom in the org and it pushes people instead of attracting them.

In order to engage people it is needed to make space for their inner needs and their own dream where the organization should evolve to. To stay focused these dreams has to be crystallized down to the areas most needed for all and put into a plan that can be executed afterwards.


Making space for all inner needs and dreams people in a project or organization have, to honor them and to learn from them. Having a common set of areas the organization will focus on and a feasible plan to do so. Generating a lot of motivation and buy-in.



This workshop is most useful in organizations and projects who are just starting or got stuck and have the need to be revived.


In order to make this workshop happens it needs:

  • around 7 participants (can be more if needed)
    • from different management levels
    • from different departments
    • as divers as possible
  • a space to make it happen
  • pawns for every participant


The following deliverable will be produced:

  • clustered map with needed aspects of the organization
  • project plan with commitment by the participants (in the form of a Karrabirrt from Dragon Dreaming)
  • optional: drawing by a graphic recorder to manifest the dream


The initiator invites all persons by answering the following question:

Who is needed in order to get the most complete input for our dream from as many parts as possible of the organization?

Short briefing of the initiator to prepare him or herself for being a dream giver.

Sharing the history of the organization. Making space for roles and ranks of the participants, to prepare them to let go of them.

Taking the perspective of the others in relationship to my own. Where am I and where are the others? How is it to be one of the others?

Initiator is sharing her or his dream. All others are adding their dreams to it. 100% no compromise!

Clustering the dreams to identify common aspects and develop a common dream. Prioritizing and selecting aspects that are most needed.

Defining SMART goals based on the selected aspects and identify adventures (tasks) to reach them. Getting commitment for adventures by participants to follow up after the workshop.

Delivering all taken photos, audios and videos (the harvest). Dialog about if further assistance is needed.


This product is inspired by the following  methods

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