Developmental assessments

Measuring performance potential. Matching people to their broadest range and scope of responsibility. Developmental assessments equip you with a precise insight into capabilities for now and the next stage emerging in a person.



Are we hiring the right person for a critical position?
Do I fit a board member role?
What shall I do to balance the various requirements of my work and at home?
These are just a few questions, where knowing where you are developmentally is of enormous value. You can avoid hiring people that will be overwhelmed by the work, individuals learn where to focus in their career, and teams can come together with the needed width and depth of capabilities. 


For HR: Developmental assessments support selections for hiring, coaching, talent and career development, especially for leadership and other critical roles in your organization.

Coaches: Any major decision can be put in the larger context of where your clients are in their journey to practical wisdom.

At work: Focus on what makes you grow.



Humans develop. Over our lifetime we unfold our capacity, in all dimensions of life and work. This unfolding has specific structures, which can be observed in the way we make meaning and sense of our world.

Skilled observers can give you or other interested parties feedback on where you stand in your journey. In other words: What you are capable of in decision-making or carrying professional responsibilities? Clarifying what scope of work is the best stretch for individuals is the main reason for assessing development. Once people work at this level throughout an organisation, it creates a highly learning and productive workplace.

We use Otto Laske’s Constructive Developmental Framework: the most developed and precise measure of adult development researched so far.

The price for a complete assessment is 2 990,00 €. A programme discount applies if you book 10 or more assessments in a month.

Special conditions can be granted for NGOs or political parties. Contact Rainer von Leoprechting about this at rainer(a)


The persons requesting the assessment agree on including this into their selection, coaching or other developmental process.

We assign a team of interviewers and scorers to serve  all parties.

Interviews and feedback are conducted orally. The meetings can be online or face-to-face. 

They are recorded. The record is kept for analysis and scientific research. Personal data is destroyed once the assessment process is completed and accepted by the client.


The analysis of the text in the assessment interviews shows:

a. How the person thinks and makes sense of their world.
We observe the variety of Thought Forms the person uses spontaneously during the interview. This degree of variety expresses the capacity of thinking and to what extent the person handles complexity in their mind.

b. How the person takes decisions and actions, and for whom.
We observe who the subject of actions and decisions of the person is, how such decision or action processes occur and what seems meaningful for the person. This expresses the degree, at which the person takes responsibility, and to what extent s(he) has potential to take more responsibility in life or work.


After agreeing on the conduct of an assessment, we schedule two conversations of 45-60 minutes duration with the person(s) to be assessed.

The two conversations are open interviews on the person’s work and their understanding of their life at this stage.

The two sessions are recorded. The recordings are scored against two lines of development by two trained and certified experts, or the actual coach and one certified expert.

The team shares their findings with all persons that have been agreed to receive them. Coaches or recruiters will receive insights about the person’s capabilities, risks and current potential.

The persons themselves will receive feedback about their capabilities, risks and current potential in the context of their current situation. Coaches will use the developmental information for their coaching planning and methods of work with the client. We prefer the coach to use the developmental feedback and share it with the client over the coaching process.


Rainer von Leoprechting is a certified expert and developmental teacher trained by Otto Laske. He translated Otto’s book “Measuring Hidden Dimensions” into German and has led numerous workshops on development and the emerging new era in the profession of Human Resources to include and measure the current potential of people. He leads a certification programme for new developmental consultants, coaches or Human Resources experts to learn the practice of developmental assessments.