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julitec – Liberating Remote Work

julitec is one of the most radical companies we talked to so far in terms of transparency and remote working. As a result of the wish to be more sustainable and purposeful they started a journey towards a 100% remote company, with transparent salaries and a very strong conduct of freedom and responsible behavior for themselves and the environment.
Follow this very interesting story full of challenges we all can learn from told by Alois Wever (CEO) and Jasmin Rheiner (Management Assistent).

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Adult Development by Otto Laske

This talk was a deep dive into the consequences the developmental stage of adults has on organisations and their ability to respond to the challenges of our VUCA world. We explored the interdependence between personal and organizational growth and what is needed in order to transform into a learning organizations. A lot of questions appeared that are worth to think about.
Due to the recording environment the quality is not as it used to be, but we think it is very worth it listening anyway.

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Manuel Küblböck from Gini

Manuel Küblböck from Gini tells his and the story of Gini to a more and more self-managed workplace. By experimenting with Sociocracy, Dragon Dreaming and many other patterns, they developed their own culture and governance and documented all of this in an outstanding handbook.

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Marwa Farouq & Phil McComish from Teach For All

Marwa Farouq and Phil McComish energize leading roles in the network Teach For All. A few years ago the leadership team abolished itself. Marwa and Phil were holding the threads together when staff worked more and more autonomously and the work of the orginazation becomes increasingly complex. In this interview they share how TeachForAll staff is leading itself, how their own practices as former directors was shifting and enabling this journey, and how they continue to learn and develop their own practices further.

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Ruth Andrade from LUSH

We are proud to present you our first episode of our NXTSTG.ORG podcast. Our mission is to facilitate and catalyze the evolution of Organizations to act more like a living system. We are very happy to introduce to you our first guest, Ruth Andrade, a Brazilian lady, currently working for the cosmetics company Lush.

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