Next Stage Org

What does Next Stage Organization mean?

We at NXTSTG.ORG and a many more people out there are working on and in organizations that are going beyond the odd paths of bureaucracy and hierarchical structure.

It is already a movement growing right inside our society and business world. It is not a single movement. We find a whole bunch of different schools, frameworks and communities that are all following more or less the same direction. To name a few, there are the movements of:

  • Teal (reinventing organization)
  • Holacracy
  • Sociocracy
  • Sociocracy 3.0
  • Dragon Dreaming
  • Agile Methods (SCRUM, Kanban, …)

They are all based on more or less the same principles, which from our perspective are:

Everybody’s needs and opinions have value. We can all contribute from our different (or equal) viewpoints and positions. We respect each other’s accountability for our own lives and tasks, so we support, don’t block each other.

All kinds of information are made and kept transparent to all as far as possible

Based on fast decision making, experimenting and quick learning the organization responds very smoothly to the VUCA world out there

Based on strongly implemented repeatable and adaptable processes and rules, the organization handles complexity as a living system.

Any organization is perceived as an complex living being. All its members, human beings, are welcome with their full complex self, not just a little functional part.

A clear purpose is the reason why the organization exists. It orients the actions every member and the organization itself performs, and is at the center of its development. Many purposes can co-exist for the diverse members; firm agreements are required only for shared principles and rules of action.

For us every organization that is following this learning journey is a Next Stage Organization. Our work is to share all the tools and principles out there enabling this journey of a the Next Stage Organization.