My Mission
Supporting organizations to reach their full potential based on feedback, trust and technology.
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What we Observe

From the industrial age, organizations have been seen as machines. Now that the new economy is driven by knowledge, creativity and constant innovation in technology and the marketplace, organizations need to be understood and treated for what they are: complex, living systems. This is expressed in ‘next stage organization’ paradigms.
Evolution happens by mistake and anyone or anything can be the trigger, and therefore the source, of innovation.

What we think is needed

The shifting in paradigm raises the need to reinvent how we organize and work. No existing organization can do that alone. It needs to see its own blind spots and a skilful hosting of such spaces of whole cognition

What we offer

We are serving the community of change agents around the world by beeing a platform for them to present themself with all their experiences and offerings.

We are serving the organizations by helping them finding the right partner, event or tool for them to boost their evolution to the next stage.

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I’m always happy to dig in to the different scenarious out there regarding organizational development, coaching and digitalization.