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Action Learning Lab

June 6 - June 11


Learn Socratic Problem Solving in Athens

Action Learning (AcL) is a continuous process of learning and reflection with a group of colleagues, working on real problems in real time. You get things done, adapting them to the communities or organisations you serve and move forward. AcL identifies issues that are relevant to your role and explore how you apply the learning to those issues successfully.

You practice and develop your cognitive skills. You’re most likely to use these skills in your own workplace and will see practical outcomes. 

You’ll practice to both support and challenge your team while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. Rediscover and be challenged to take a wider view of situations and how you can manage them. You will observe yourselves how much more you will begin to ask questions instead of immediately sharing known solutions; how your quality of listening will increase, and also how your awareness of various assumptions is increasing. The workshop will help you to explore the philosophy and principles that underpin action learning. You will practice all roles of an Action Learning Set, so that you will be able to lead and instruct Action Learning Sets in your own organisations and contexts.

  • fractalityWhat is important for your organisation right now?
  • Which areas of potential opportunity are here and there?
  • Are there recurring business issues that demand a fresh thinking?
  • What tangible results does your organisation expect the teams to achieve?


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The Action Learning Methodology

Action Learning offers a profound way to move individuals and teams forward, within the communities they naturally inhabit. Yet it is extremely simple to organise.

For an Action Learning Set to bring up fresh ideas and insights, the conversations follow  only one specific prionciple:

Questions are preceding answers. Insights and statements can be shared only in answering questions asked before.

Main elements of action learning are:

  1. Participants join voluntarily, open to learn and ready to take actions following their learning.
  2. The set – a group of 4/8 people meets for a good hour (90 minutes are long enough), accepts these common ground rules and ways of working.
  3. The issue or task holding – one person brings a specific issue for themselves or the team.
  4. The process sequence – presentation of issues, questions and answers, reflections
  5. A facilitator – helps the group as it works and learns. The facilitator can pause the conversations and invites the group to reflect on their learning, then gives the floor back to the group.
  6. A scribe – notes can be openly shared and reflect to the group which assumptions are being made, which questions hold power, and what the bigger picture around the issue holds.

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This training is for You – as an individual or a team/group.

Designed for individuals and groups who are interested in working more effectively, more intelligently. Any modern team working within agile projects, in self-managed workspaces will want to increase their toolbox and awareness set. They participatory active learning style will make it an inspiring learning experience for staff members from any public or private organisation. Especially when active in the field of education or training you will find this training inspiring and different from academic routines. Managers, coaches, counsellors and Organisational Development professionals tend to love Action Learning and will benefit from this training.

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The Most Important Benefits from Action Learning

Action Learning provides you the opportunity to:

  • Identify issues that are relevant to your role and explore through Action Learning how to deal with them intelligently. You will learn how you can support and developmentally challenge colleagues while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Take a wider view of conditions and assumptions held in your world. You will acquire the specific skills of questioning ingrained views and beliefs in a constructive and accepted frame. You’ll learn how you can use those skills in your own workplace and intelligently review the outcomes of them.
  • Be directly involved in learning about an own current life situation.
  • Practice collective intelligence at work in a small group, a setting easily reproduced at your own workplace.

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The Faculty

Dr. Markos Perrakis is a leadership development & process facilitator, psychologist, speaker, consultant and trainer of individuals and teams, founder and Managing Director of Fractality (www.fractality.gr) Organisational Development Services and ISO 9001:2008. He designs and implements EU projects in the fields of leadership development and strategic planning, and uses eclectic appreciative approaches in the public and private sector in order to promote effective communication, individual and collective process development. He specializes in coaching, supervision, human capital development, training and assessment. He is trained in Systemic Consultation, solution focused & cognitive behavioral approaches, methods of participatory design, Spiritual Intelligence, a certified provider of Vocational Guidance and Professional Orientation, utilizing psychometric assessments and coaching tools for teams and individuals in organizational, career and personality issues. He is representative of the Association of International Institution Supervision in Europe (ANSE), Scientific partner of the European Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (EUMU) in Greece, in the fields of Strategic Planning and Human Capital Development programmes.

Rainer von Leoprechting grew up in Trier/Mosel, Germany. Inspired by Jean Monnet’s leadership practice he worked within the European Commission from 1994-2012. After many different functions in management and strategy, he founded the in-house consulting service which he led until January 2012. Over his career in Brussels he introduced participatory and innovative methods like the Art of Hosting or Action Learning into the workings of the European institutions.
Then he started the pro action learning company developing and sharing practices to enliven any modern organization. Rainer has invented the StoryMatcher (TM) approach and technology to match people with their desired future in life and work. Rainer is also one of the inventors of the pro action café that has become one of the core processes widely shared within the Art of Hosting community. Rainer’s interventions combine many methods, like the full palette of Art of Hosting practices, Action Learning, or process consultation. He is a searched for presenter, external board member, strategy advisor and gives workshops with enlivening practices all over Europe.

About the event

The fee for this course is 670 Euros. It includes tuition fee and educational material, certificates of participation, welcome cocktail, gala dinner, half day excursion (optional) to idyllic Neptune Temple at Sounion Cape (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sounion) in Attica seaside (or similar).

Accommodation and meals are not included in the above fee, but can be arranged by FRACTALITY at special price/low cost for half or full board, in three or four star hotels in the city center. We can always manage low prices for groups.

Ask us about it!

Questions or concerns? please contact us at info@fractality.gr or call +30210601052.

Register online here, mentioning Action LearningLab.




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