Dialectical Thinking

The way we think to become the Way Nature is

Changing the way we think is changing the way we construct and experience the world we lead and live in.
The forms of thinking we use can be understood. We express up to four moments of dialectical thinking, all together used fully describe a thinking that is close to the way Nature might be – our bridge to reality.

All this to solve today’s problems as Gregory Bateson said: “problems in the world (today) are the
result of the difference between how nature works
and the way people think.”

Tools with Dialectical Thinking

Events, Trainings and Workshops

Rainer von Leoprechting

Action Learning Lab

Solving problems, learning how to solve problems and learn how to learn. Intellectual and cognitive development in practice. Join the 6 day immersion in Socratic practice in Athens, Greece with a diverse group of peer learners.

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Leading Institutes

The Interdevelopmental Institute was founded by Otto Laske. Until today its website contains the most comprehensive materials around Dialectical Thought Forms and the Constructive Developmental Frameworks.

Founded by Rainer v. Leoprechting in 2009, the company is the only in Europe to offer leadership potential measurements according to the IDM standards. With its trainings and workshops, coaches and consultants can certify in the practices of Developmental Interviewing and Scoring and the Socratic practice of Action Learning. As a consulting company, pro action learning offers strategy making (Living Strategy) and learning partnerships for leadership teams. 


Dialectical Thinking dates back to the early days of Western philosophy. Heraclites and Socrates can be named as eminent practitioners in the arts of movement in our mind.
In the 19th century, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx have made dialectical thinking prominent as the basis of their world viewing. Roy Bhaskar has been Otto Laske’s direct influencer to see thinking as the creative processing from absences to the presence of what is real.
Otto Laske then cross referenced the cognitive developmental thought forms used by Michael Basseches with Roy Bhaskar’s dialectical moments into his Dialectical Thought Forms framework. 
Today, this is like the periodic systems of human thought. Be welcome to use it …
Read Otto Laske’s short history of the dialectical thought forms framework.