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Approach - NXTSTG.ORG


We know that a one fits all approach is not working for an organization. Like every human beeing every group is unique and has a complete own setup. To take this into account is absolutely important. That’s why our approach to facilitate the transition to a next stage organization is as follows.

Before we start the journey to your next stage organization, you need to get your own understanding of what this term and all the tools and principles it stands for means.

Therefore we share our knowledge with you about the basic principles. We tell stories about other organizations we know and we answer all your questions and delevelop new ones that are important for you.

Main Question:
What do you need to know to understand what a Next Stage Organization is?

Everything always begins with an idea, a vision, a dream how things can look like in the future.

Together with an choosen and invited group of people  we start creating a shared vision and dream about how your own next stage organization should look like. We develop a common vision we want to reach together.

Main Question:
How is our ideal next stage organization looks like, so that each and everybody of feels that we did the right thing?

In order to get to the dream we have to go the next steps, but what are these?

To make the process as effective as possible we identify with you the areas in your organization where the tensions are the strongest. Based on this tensions and the dream we choose tools and principles that address both. The short term tensions and the long term vision.

We setup a plan that covers the next few steps to stay agile and than we start executing.

Main Question:
What are the strongest tensions in your organization we can adress here and now to come closer to our dream?

Now it is time to start doing things. We take the steps we defined before and start to implement them. This could be things like:

  • Defining a purpose
  • Implementing new styles of communication
  • Defining roles

After we finished the first tasks it is time to celebrate and retrospect what we have achieved together. With a well deisigned set of retrospectives and reviews you can enjoy the visible and invisible impact of your work and we can learn for the things to come.

Now after the initial euphoria it is important to maintain the tranformation. This is done by initiating the next planning and execution phase with us as advisors everytime you need us.