Marwa Farouq & Phil McComish from Teach For All

Marwa Farouq and Phil McComish energize leading roles in the network Teach For All. A few years ago the leadership team abolished itself. Marwa and Phil were holding the threads together when staff worked more and more autonomously and the work of the organization became increasingly complex. In this interview they share how Teach For All staff is leading itself, how their own practices as former directors was shifting and enabling this journey, and how they  continue to learn and develop their own practices further.
Besides we hear about Teach For All, a global non-profit network of 49 independent partner organisations, placing graduates and young professionals in teaching in schools in order to build collective leadership to ensure educational equity.

Marwa’s Bio

Marwa Farouq

Originally from Egypt, Marwa left her home country after 2013 and moved to London. She lives with her husband and children. She studied Management and Human Resources, worked as consultant and People manager for many years before joining Teach For All in 2016. There she acts as Head of People Organization and Culture.

Phil’s Bio

Phil McComish leads programmatic and organisational change projects at Teach For All. He has been with the organisation since 2008, and was a teacher on the Teach First programme in London and a journalist in Brussels prior to that. He is based in Teach For All’s London office and is currently working on growing the network in Africa.


Next state comes from sensing and probing. Not a set out plan.

Phil McComish

Engaging with other people is very useful.

Marwa Farouq

Need to be comfortable in not knowing.

Phil McComish

Organisations And Methods Mentioned During The Interview

Reinventing Organisations / Frederic Laloux:

Next Stage World Gathering:

Liberating Structures:

Next Stage World 2019

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